Sales Consultant (Recruitment Solutions) - Melbourne

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Sales Consultant (Recruitment Solutions) - Melbourne

Job No: 64927
Location: Melbourne

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Recruitment is a pretty big deal.

And we’re not just saying that because this is a job ad. Every working person on earth with accountability for the work of others know it. If you want to achieve and exceed your goals, and outperform the competition, you need to be able to firstly attract the best talent — regardless of industry. And if you need proof, Price Waterhouse Cooper's latest CEO survey shows Australian CEO's list 'availability of key skills' as one of their top four biggest threats.

However, it’s often difficult and expensive to attract that talent. If an organisation is big enough to even have a HR department, those staff may not have the skills or resources needed — such as copywriting, conducting interviews or managing dozens upon dozens of candidate applications. And if a business decides to outsource their recruitment to a traditional agency, they often wind up paying 25% of that candidate’s salary!

But what if you could solve these problems for businesses? What if you had a suite of highly customisable products to suit any size business and recruitment need? What if those products were highly effective and transparent? And what if you could deliver it at a fraction of the cost?

What if you joined Employment Office?

As a Sales & Account Manager with Employment Office, you'll sell revolutionary recruitment products that solve problems. You'll initiate contact with CEOs, business leaders and HR managers. Then, you'll introduce our wide range of products focused on building a better recruitment process via email, web meetings, webinars and face-to-face meetings. And through it all, you'll be supported by our specialist teams of marketing, shortlisting and software professionals.

First and foremost it’s a sales role, and you’ll be driven to build a customer base of your own (in whatever industry or location you choose), and the determination to persist through each sales cycle until you’ve secured a satisfied repeat client — as all of our successful Sales & Account Executives have.

Sales isn’t easy (not if you’re doing it properly, anyway) — but if you’ve got a few key attributes, and a desire to build a long and highly successful career, you’re already on track to success with EO.

So have you got the goods?

You love introducing new ideas and products to business leaders. Connecting on their level excites you and you have the experience and smarts to do this well. You're professional, sociable and you look the part.

You've demonstrated persistence in previous roles or through life experiences and as a result, you know it takes a couple of years to build a foundation in a new job. You understand, and have experienced, coaching and training to get results. You’re always hungry to learn from successful leaders and mentors, and you want to surround yourself with them.

You're the kind of person who wants your work (and the team you work with) to be great — a highlight in your life — not a means to an end (or weekend). You want to work with enthusiastic, hardworking people like you. And you want a career where you’re passionate about what you do, and continuously learning.

And why Employment Office?

Because the work we do is important and innovative, and you want to be a part of it. A company won't survive if it can't recruit the right people. We give businesses a revolutionary way to recruit: our products are honest, professional and their value is transparent to our clients. At Employment Office you'll believe in what you're selling.

We have a culture of ownership and autonomy. We believe the best people should be paid 'above market'. It's an $80K-$120K role, and in your first year while you're building your foundation you'll earn between $60K-$80K. Equally, we don’t carry dead weight. Our people are the kind who, if they see themselves at the bottom of a sales dashboard, will do whatever it takes to get to the top. And they're recognised and rewarded in line with those effort and results.

Our organisation structure is egalitarian, flat, and built around small, supportive teams. Your Team Leader will be someone who has succeeded in the Sales and Account Executive role, and continues to perform this role. They will put their money where their mouth is and lead by example. You'll be supported by this Team Leader, a team and a mentor who know the ropes and are invested in helping you succeed.

Seen us recruit before? Want to know why?

Employment Office is growing, and with ambitious targets to reach by 2020, we need lots of hands on deck to get there. We invest a lot of time and money into ensuring the success of those we recruit, so we take the process very seriously, and want to ensure our message always reaches potential future sales gurus.

So if you’ve applied previously, and have since gained some more skills and experience, please do re-apply. After all, persistence makes for a great salesperson.

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