On Call Officer

Job No: M934
Location: Brisbane

On Call Officer - Specialised Services


  • Leading high needs disability organisation
  • Develop dynamic, specialised teams
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Permanent Part-time role 

This role will respond to calls from Multicap services requiring guidance, assistance and direction arising outside of business hours. By following company processes and drawing on previous experience, including in behaviour support, the appropriate candidate will be able to ensure that the service needs are met and unanticipated situations are handed appropriately.

The On Call Officer is expected to undertake a wide range of duties that may include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Ensure that the primary service team is held to account to deliver the required service and where they feel they require on call, support them and analyse why that support was needed, find a solution and provide structures that allow them to act efficiently in the moment next time
  • To ensure that services reflect and promote agreed client outcomes, including promotion of skills development, social inclusion and community integration and offer opportunities for active participation through a range of service activities
  • Maintain compliance with agreed quality outcomes, both internal and externally identified
  • Respond to emergency situations within specified guidelines (i.e. Code of Conduct, Policies and Procedures, service facility duty roster), and seek assistance for situations outside of specified guidelines
  • Ensure safe work practices by following workplace health and safety systems, reporting incidents and taking appropriate actions for hazards, accidents and incidents
  • Maintain effective team practices, through appropriate communication channels both with members of the team and with all other Multicap staff members
  • Support the work of the organisation to develop tools and processes that effectively evaluate service activities and outcomes
  • To provide leadership and role modelling to staff teams and offer appropriate supports to ensure that staff are effective in delivering support to individuals that promotes the achievement of agreed outcomes
  • Actively contribute to the ongoing development of the organisations practice and outcomes frameworks
  • Contribute to the continued learning and development of the organisation through participation in the development and delivery of appropriate training and information activities
  • Support and assist Disability Support Workers in their after-hours interaction with customers
  • Develop and maintain exceptional customer service standards across all service types
  • Develop and maintain effective relationships with all key stakeholders including, customers and their families/advocates/guardians, funding bodies, community leaders / elders
  • In conjunction with other Multicap business areas develop, promote and engage events across all service streams, including both formal and informal events
  • Provide advice guidance and support to Multicap staff teams regarding Positive Behaviour Support
  • Adapt knowledge and expertise across a range of theoretical perspectives
  • Oversee the development and implementation of safe work practices including in collaboration with the Manager Work Health and Safety.
  • Takes personal responsibility for keeping up to date with evidence based practice in behaviour support
  • Ensure that the organisation remains compliant and consistent with any legislative or policy requirements around individuals within the scope of the Restrictive Practice
  • Provide advice guidance and support to staff teams to ensure that individuals with complex health or behavioural needs have plans that are effective, current and reviewed appropriately
  • Support the work of the organisation through internal monitoring and audit processes to develop and maintain on-going best practice and ensure that the organisation maintains external accreditation as required
  • Establish good record-keeping practices and meets
  • Provides professional practice input into broader organisational systems

The successful applicant will:

  • Hold qualifications in Human Services or Social Sciences, or equivalent (desirable but not essential)
  • Experience in the provision of services for people with disabilities (Minimum 2 years desirable)
  • Demonstrated knowledge of legislation, policy, and associated programs in the disability area
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Demonstrated ability to utilise technology / computer systems 
  • Ability to respond to crises and prioritise workload and respond to emergent situations
  • High level of effective oral and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of and capacity to apply Equal Opportunity and Workplace Health & Safety principles in the workplace
  • Demonstrated problem solving skills to successfully identify problems, develop solutions and implement these using a logical and systematic approach


  • Hold a current blue (working with children) and yellow (positive notice card) or be willing to obtain one
  • Be willing to undertake and pass a criminal history clearance 

About our organisation

Founded in 1962, Multicap has over 55 years’ experience in providing assistance to people with disabilities, specialising in high and complex needs. Started by six families who believed in the multiple capabilities of their children, Multicap became champion of possibly for people with a disability and their families all over Queensland. Today, Multicap is a community of possibility for more than 1200 people and their families and provides tailored assistance to individual needs and goals. To find out more visit www.multicap.org.au.

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