Choir Director

Job No: M963
Location: Eight Mile Plains



Title:                                        Avegates Choir Director

Reports To:                             Avegates Manager

Department:                            Avegates, Social Enterprise              


Primary Purpose:
The ‘Avegates Choir Director‘ is responsible for the oversight and administration of the Avegates choir.  The Choral directors is required to compose and lead performances and rehearsals for our choir participants.
The choir director is the face of the choir and will be required to greet our customers, families and the audience.  We want our customers to be engaged in this program and see value in the Avegates choir.

Key Result Area:
     1. Must select music, conducting rehearsals, choose individual singers for solos, and choose accompanists.
     2. May be required to handle administrative tasks, such as maintaining a calendar of events for performances.
     3. Recruit new members
     4. Ensure the Avegates choir has uniformity in attire when performing
     5. Direct all Avegates staff  and volunteers that are assisting with the choir
     6. Ensure are attendance sheet are completed weekly
Leadership Behaviours
Inspire yourself and your team
Be accountable for your role
Respect and value functional relationships
Add life to Multicap’s sole purpose
Give and receive constructive feedback
Key Selection Criteria
     1. Demonstrated experience in event management, sales, and/ or marketing.
     2. Must be able to read music and be familiar with conducting techniques.
     3. Knowledge of contemporary disability support principles.
     4. Ability to build strong partnerships and relationships across diverse populations.
     5. Well-developed organisational and interpersonal skills, including the ability to develop, lead and communicate effectively with a team. 
     6. Ability to problem solve and utilise available resources under pressure.
     7. Possession of First Aid Certificate and Current Driver’s Licence. Possession of, or willingness to, obtain a Positive Notice ‘Yellow’ Card and Working with Children ‘Blue Card’.
     8. Knowledge of, and capacity to apply, Equal Opportunity and Workplace Health & Safety principles.
Performance Measures
Summarised performance measures are listed below.
1 Event Management
- Customer and family feedback reporting an average event satisfaction rating above 90%
- Nil customer complaints received
2 Working in teams
- Compliance with legislation, training, and Multicap policies and procedures at all times.
- Compliance with undertaking reasonable management requests at all times, and incorporating the IBRAG behaviours consistently.
- Discuss openly, professionally and respectfully barriers and risks to effective team work.
- Disputes and conflict are managed as per Multicap policy and procedures
3  Financial Management
- Deliver events within agreed budgets
- Report and inform management of financial variances (actual or projected) within reasonable timeframes, as early as possible and at regular intervals.
Application Process
The position will close on 26th April 2019. Please ensure that you attach a cover letter detailing why you would be a great candidate for this role and also your resume.  The next step in the process is to complete mandatory shortlisting questions.  These questions are important to help us learn more about you and we want to clarify that if you do not complete these questions you cannot be considered for the role so we encourage you to complete these additional questions as quickly as possible.

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