2022 Referral Award

Job No: 00002022

There's an incredible $10,000 referral bonus if you introduce us to someone amazing and we hire them

Be our talent scout:

Got a friend, former colleague or neighbour you think would be a perfect fit for TechnologyOne?

Be rewarded with AUD 10,000 if you introduce us to someone amazing who we offer a role to and they successfully complete their probation.

And for Graduate hires, we are offering an incredible AUD 5,000 referral award.



How to refer someone:

Simply complete the questions below, fill out your candidate's Personal Details and attach their resume. Please ensure you have their permission to share these details. We'll reach out to your referral directly.


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Thank you for being our talent scout!

Thank you for the referral. We'll not only consider them for the opportunity that you have specified, we'll also consider them for opportunities for the next 6 months. If we don’t hire your candidate within 6 months, please submit their application again if you see another position you think they’d be a great fit for. Your candidate will be contacted by one of our Recruitment Partners shortly. They’ll also keep you in the loop of the progress of your candidate’s application. If your referral meets the criteria, we'll pay you an extra AUD 10,000 as per the guideline.

The incentive is treated as income and inclusive of taxes, benefits and retirement planning contributions, if relevant in your region. If you reside outside of Australia, the fee will be converted to your local currency using the latest Month End exchange rate.
We’re building an elite group of highly talented and passionate people who are changing the world of enterprise software. Thanks for helping!

Technology One Recruitment Team