Digital Marketing Associate

Job No: AGM4
Location: Melbourne

So, you're into digital marketing but don't know where to start. You're not an average Jo / Joe and good enough just isn't. You want an amazing first full-time job where you get your hands dirty and learn a lot while you’re at it.

Here's your chance to get a dream start to your career.  

You need to be a great communicator (already) and be willing to work your butt off to get seriously good at digital marketing. You need to thrive in a wickedly fast-paced environment where you work hard, work fast, learn lots, and of course, take pride in delivering quality outcomes for our clients.

This role is not your normal grad role, it’s better. But you're not normal. Are you?

The opportunity

As a Graduate Digital Marketer with, you will be trained and mentored by Australia's leading B2B marketers, groomed into a marketing communications champion, and provided the skills, contacts, and experience that most marketers with 10 years' experience still only dream about. is a B2B marketing agency that continues to serve large mature and enterprise clients, as well as Australian SME's. Given the rapid growth the company is currently experiencing, it is an excellent time to join our growing team, learn the ropes, and flourish into an outstanding marketing professional. 

In this role, you will work closely with directors, digital marketing specialists, and our specialists in copy, design and web to execute cutting-edge tactics and ensure high-quality outcomes for our diverse range of clients. Ultimately, we want you to apply your unique expertise to think outside the box and deliver great results, day-in, and day-out – and be willing to have some fun along the way, of course.

We're nowhere near a sweat shop, but we get an insane amount done then go home.

The Perks:

Gone are the days of working behind the scenes and carrying out the same marketing tactics, for the same client, all day, every day. At, you will have the opportunity to engage directly with lots of clients on lots of tactics and see how your work actually helps these businesses. You could be having your morning coffee crafting an email campaign for a global sales training company and then, before lunch you're building dynamic landing pages with trigger sequences.

Here are a few other benefits we can offer you at

  • You will work alongside directors, CEOs, and Heads of Marketing and Digital to learn from their extensive experience;
  • You will have the benefit of prestige and respect by working with a company that has been in B2B marketing for 20 years;
  • Your opinion and initiative will always be heard, valued, and appreciated. Everyone says they do this and no one really does. We REALLY listen;
  • Training, development, and mentorship are written into our mission statement — we will dedicate ourselves to making you an incredible B2B digital marketer; and
  • There are great opportunities for growth from within.

And these are just some of the advantages you will gain from taking on a role with us.

In return, we're looking for:

  • A graduate marketer who'll commit to their craft (aka stick around and learn stuff);
  • Someone who is technologically and digitally dextrous, and willing to discover, learn, and share new technologies to benefit client delivery;
  • An adaptable and independent worker who can meet the needs of our extremely varied clients;
  • A team-driven individual who realises that your colleagues' success is as valuable as your own;
  • A superior communicator, who can competently craft content, as well as engage and liaise with executives and senior stakeholders. You don't do things, you move people;
  • An analytical thinker who understands the value of data to draw insights and make smart informed decisions;
  • Someone who is personally committed to continuous improvement of their work, client projects, and internal processes; and
  • An individual who understands how marketing can greatly benefit a business and the importance of aligning sales and marketing.

Ultimately, we need an energetic marketer to join the team and who will be responsible for:

  • Developing, improving, and executing campaign elements (ads, email, paid social, remarketing, web, martech, more);
  • Driving the successful execution of client projects, delivering outcomes for clients, and as a business;
  • Managing a high volume of work with precise diary management, strong attention to detail, and a passion to succeed;
  • Crafting new written content (blogs, web content, white papers) for a variety of industries, audiences, and mediums;
  • Liaising with clients and stakeholders on a regular basis; and
  • Working closely with Account Managers to ensure strategies are built to deliver outcomes for clients.


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