Network & Systems Assistant Co-op

Job No: SSI14
Location: Victoria

We are a growing company strategically positioned to expand our world market share in shipbuilding and offshore structure production. SSI produces the ShipConstructor software suite, an AutoCAD based 3D product modeling tool which is a leader in the ship and offshore structure design software market.

We are looking for outstanding people to help us continue to build on our goal of well-managed sustainable growth and recognition as an employer of choice in the Greater Victoria Area. We are proud to promote an environment where there is fascinating, challenging work with a corresponding respect for work/life balance. At the heart of our success are the creative, energetic, dynamic people who make up the SSI team.

If you enjoy working in a fast paced, technology focused environment, consider joining our team. Combined with the challenging nature of the work, the ability to see the results of your efforts in the real world; make a career at SSI a rewarding experience.

Due to our continued growth, SSI is currently seeking to fill a Co-op position in our IT department.

As a member of our IT team you will be familiar with:

  • Corporate Enterprise level backup processes and procedures
    • D2D, D2T, Full, Diff, Trans, daily, weekly
    • This is non-application specific. If you know the skills from one vendor, it can be translated to our vendor
  • Windows Software Update Services
    • Manage policy driven Windows update services using WSUS to Approve, Decline, and Deadline.
  • Windows deployment services / Microsoft deployment toolkit
    • Windows OS Deployment methods
    • push operating system over network to systems
  • Enterprise end point protection services
    • corporate managed antivirus and malware and application filters
      1. ensure AV is deployed to all systems
      2. monitor daily, weekly reports from system reports on dashboard
      3. configure and manage application level filters in firewall appliance
  • Intermediate Networking
    • network segments, VLAN’s, Subnets, Monitoring Tools, Syslog, SNMP
  • Build and program a repeatable benchmark tool that simulates several in-house processes and can be used to troubleshoot or test performance
    • Gather sample performance data
    • Analyze and build scripted repeatable process tests
    • Combine into a series of scenarios
    • Parse results
    • Build useable dashboard to gather insights from results



  • A demonstrated aptitude and interest in technology
  • Ability to work within a team environment
  • A demonstrated ability to problem solve and follow direction effectively
  • Effective listening and communication skills
  • Willingness to learn new technology and procedures
  • Must be a Canadian citizen

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